Notes From Underground: CNBC-Back to the Futures

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    I hate to say bad things about anyone, but Joe Kiernan is about the most worthless voice I have ever heard on any media. The man is totally useless and would do us all a BIG FAVOR by never opening his mouth again. I doubt there is an intelligent thought in his head. Truly pathetic!
    And he has lots of close runnerups there as well.
    How he keeps his job at CNBC is beyond my comprehension.
    CNBC is a collection of some of the most un-smart and ego driven fools
    I have ever witnessed. (ie. Kudlow)
    Rick Santelli is the only person worth tuning in for when the morning reports come out.
    Muting the sound is the only way I can stand having the station on until
    Santelli speaks, then it’s off again until the next time Santelli can give us an intelligent discussion of current events.
    Jim Sinclair has a similar opinion, I’m sure you know.
    It’s truly flabbergasting that this country has to endure the crap foisted upon us by these people who appear to be nothing but front men for Wall Street stock pumpers and our completely CRIMINAL Guv’mint!
    I don’t expect you to be able to respond to this comment for obvious reasons.

  2. Michael James Says:

    I can’t even stand to see them on mute! Bloomberg is much more tolerable. If only they would go to a HD format.

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