Notes From Underground: Watching the Numbers From CME (CNBC)

Watch Rick Santelli and I discuss EURO/YEN and Italian bond futures.

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2 Responses to “Notes From Underground: Watching the Numbers From CME (CNBC)”

  1. Jeremy Koch Says:

    Especially insightful,very sharp and exciting series of Notes and this splendid CNBC interview.
    Two questions: What happens if the ECB suddenly lowers interest rate to zero a la Japan?
    2) Just heard That Papa jr. has just fired all the heads of the Greek Armed Forces! If true, how might that affect japanese–or for that matter, the Feds currency plays.
    Thanks for all the helpful orientation.

  2. yra Says:

    Jeremy—nice post.Yes Papabdreou replaced all the military heads and as an old brooklyn tough you know what that means and what his fears are—hmmmmtime to dust off the seven days of may.If the new ECB head ,Draghi,were too lower rates that quickly he may join Luca Bratzi—I love using movie references with you as you are my movie guru

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