Notes From Underground: BUY the BOOK

Yra promotes "The Rotten Heart of Europe" by Bernard Connolly

Click on the link to watch Rick Santelli and I discuss the ECB

as well as the latest reprinting of “The Rotten Heart of Europe” by Bernard Connolly.

To order a copy e-mail

Please send checks to:

Yra Harris c/o Shepard International

141 West Jackson Blvd., Suite 2270

Chicago, IL 60604

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2 Responses to “Notes From Underground: BUY the BOOK”

  1. kevinwaspi Says:

    Thanks for bringing this to fruition, I know you’ve been working on this for some time. Please make my copies include an autographed title page by you and Rick!

  2. yra harris Says:

    sorry–already sent so you will have to visit to attain that

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