Notes From Underground: Watch Me On USAWatchdog

Today, I appeared on USAWatchdog, nonpartisan website run by former journalist Greg Hunter. Before creating USAWatchdog, Greg spent nearly nine years as a network and investigative reporter for outlets such as ABC News, Good Morning America and CNN. Also, in a 2008 report, Greg exposed the trouble in the banks, warning viewers about the coming problems before other reporters picked up on the impending crisis.

Click HERE to watch express my thoughts about the currency war, G-20 and central banks. Also, don’t forget, copies of “The Rotten Heart of Europe” are still on sale. To order your copies, e-mail

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11 Responses to “Notes From Underground: Watch Me On USAWatchdog”

  1. hershel h herrendorf Says:

    just listened to you enjoyed it……. its early here in Miami. best

      Hershel H Herrendorf

    1 (786) 463 1133  Florida Number



  2. candrews Says:

    Great I look forward



  3. Richard H Papp Says:

    How much is book with postage??????????????

  4. yra harris Says:

    richard and everybody else—10.00 plus shipping which is 3 dollars in the continental U.S. but varies to everywhere else

  5. Mario Says:

    4 yr old with guns! I agree…Fixed income is a beyond a educated gamble which i agree with. Love the book got it a little while ago. Are we at the “currency/monetary bubble peak”?

  6. Jeff Zoraian Says:

    who do we make the check payable to, for the book ? whitewave trader referred me to your blog, wanna say thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight, it’s very much appreciated !!!

  7. yra harris Says:

    Jeff–make checks to Yra Harris

  8. Ben Says:

    In your USAWatchdog interview you said “They think they can buy enough time…” The Fed will continue to spend 80 billion a month until the economy improves. But I wonder how long they can do this. Another 2 years? 3 years? And how long will it take for the economy, unemployment, etc. to improve enough?

    Any thoughts on these two questions?

  9. yra harris Says:

    Ben–having been an active investor/trader for 35 years this question is the one that has broken more bright people then any other element.As I often remind my readers–Keynes said”markets can remain irrational far longer then you and I can remind solvent”–the academics will of course look to their models and wonder what is askew–for the FOMC is plagued by the same dilemma of timing its exit—will it be an exit stage left pursued by a bear.The problems that the academic modelers face rather then investors is —when do I know that my models are flawed and I may be wrong–again back to Keynes’ riddle of market and economic irrationality

  10. stephanie doran Says:

    Yra: thank you for the link to the USA Watchdog interview. It was very interesting. Everytime you mention Mario Draghi jawboning, I think of Mark Twain’s “The $1,000,000 Bank Note.

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