Notes From Underground: CNBC–Is Draghi Buying Time?


Yra With Rick


Click on the image to watch Yra discuss the ECB meeting with Rick Sanely

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4 Responses to “Notes From Underground: CNBC–Is Draghi Buying Time?”

  1. hershel h herrendorf Says:

    what book were you touting?

      Hershel H Herrendorf

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  2. yra harris Says:

    rotten heart of europe by bernard connolly—you need to buy a hundred and give them to your friends—for it was out of print and Bill Shepard and I have paid to print 10,000 copies and are selling them at cost to put the best book on the Europe situation into people ‘s hands.Prior to our reprinting the few copies available were selling for several hundred dollars

  3. kidcanute Says:

    Loved listening and watching you, Mr Reality. Yra, you are always honest and on point. I wish you could have finished what you meant when you said “Time is on his side (about Draghi). Did you mean only till the German election or something more? Then what are we to expect in September?
    Thanks again for bring us Connolly’s “Rotten Heart.” Am almost through gifting the 10 copies I bought and hope soon to be ordering

  4. yra harris Says:

    Kid thanks for the support.The previous blog detailed it but as I maintain that as long as the other central banks are willing to keep the pedal to the metal on QE then Draghi can hope that growth picks up in other parts of the globe and will sustain Euro enough to muddle thru as is until the German elections are passed.If the ECB can avoid an Outright Monetary Transaction then the Germans will not be annoyed and Jens Weidmann can just be kept at bay.The quieter the Bundesbank the better for Chancellor Merkel and thus for Draghi —don’t poke the German hard money crowd to gear up for the election —and thanks for the support on the book.I am finding it hard to believe that AE’s and firms don’t buy the book in bulk to distribute to their clients—a ten dollar gift with a priceless value

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