Notes From Underground: IF … In a World Of Great Uncertainty

originally posted on august 15,2012

Notes From Underground

The travails of the financial markets continue even as the EURO ELITE believe that their holiday time is sacrosanct. Greece is in the headlines as financial pundits with time to fill conjecture about how long it is before the lifeline to the Greeks is cut and its economy and society set adrift outside the “safe” harbor of the EUROZONE.

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3 Responses to “Notes From Underground: IF … In a World Of Great Uncertainty”

  1. rob syp Says:

    One of your favorites James Bullard has been on with Steve Liesman. Other then owning or trading AAPL it sure is a difficult landscape trying to eke out trading opportunities. And you sure can’t be greedy with AAPL either. Guess it goes back to if there is no trade don’t make one or force one.

  2. rob syp Says:

    And the Najarian bros. rest of half time/fast money people make it sound so easy…

  3. Yra Says:

    Rob Syp–as you get older you are supposed to acquire patience–as Yellen gives up patience we need more of it to succeed

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