Notes From Underground: Before a Short Hiatus …

I will be taking a few days of “unwind” before next Wednesday’s Fed meeting and Chair Yellen press conference. Last Friday, Rick Santelli and I talked about the ECB and I am posting that but the last few Christmas Eves Rick has had me on and we discuss predictions about the coming year. There are no safe predictions from this blogger as I will venture far from shore but always try to put my best thoughts forward.

Last December 24, I discussed some possibilities for 2015 and I think they are worth a second look. I don’t have any to put forward as of yet but readers of Notes From Underground will receive whatever there is to be had. Thank you for all your fine rebuttals during the year. The comments are thoughtful and provide possible trading opportunities. I am remiss in not wishing all my readers who celebrate the Hanukkah Lighting a very Happy and Meaningful Festival of Lights.

***The Bank of England and the Swiss national Bank left the current policies in place. The Swiss seem to be waiting to see how the ECB reacts to the recent rally in the euro before engaging into any further easing of interest rates. We have been forewarned that the ECB plans to finish its December QE before Christmas so if the SNB wishes to set the EUR/CHF higher for year-end it will be able to weaken the Swiss without any intervention from the ECB. Just something to keep in mind for those trading the ultra-illiquid markets of the Christmas season. Enjoy your holidays and I will be back toward the end of next week. Now watch the Santelli-Harris videos (click on the images).

Santelli Exchange Dec. 4

Yra on CNBC December 24, 2014

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11 Responses to “Notes From Underground: Before a Short Hiatus …”

  1. Rob Syp Says:

    You & Santelli are my heroes

  2. Chicken Says:

    What would the death of a black hole look like?

    • the american limey Says:

      not very interesting unless you are watching the Hawkin radiation 🙂

      • Chicken Says:

        That’d be fine in case NASAs color choices make the doctored photos appear beautiful and interesting. Never mind accuracy, only available on a need to know classified basis.

  3. the american limey Says:

    Yra time and time again you have taken the time to explain the reality of all this nonsense to a true neophyte in the field of macro events. Thank you for taking the time and making it so enjoyable. I look forwards to 2016 with you and your gang.

  4. Chicken Says:

    Greece traded a few more marbles in exchange for prolonged debt today.

  5. Chicken Says:

    I guess gold just popped up a little based on Bernank’s comment?

  6. yra Says:

    chicken–which Bernanke comment—about how he always provided fluff to the forecasts??

  7. Chicken Says:

    Prosperity goosed by 0.25% FED rate Money for sumthin’ but checks ain’t free.

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