Notes From Underground: Financial Repression Authority Podcast With Peter Boockvar

Yes, the talk of the weekend has been the 0.4% increase in the average hourly earnings embedded in the jobs data. The Fed had three members speak after the data release and all noted that the wage gains may mean that we are at full employment. Jeffrey Lacker was the most concerned about the FED being behind the proverbial curve. My analysis will be later in the week but first I wanted to share the FRA podcast as it includes the wisdom of Peter Boockvar of the Lindsey Group. Enjoy and I look forward to your comments as they will be answered and hopefully provide substance for an upcoming post.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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4 Responses to “Notes From Underground: Financial Repression Authority Podcast With Peter Boockvar”

  1. Chicken Says:

    Rice, palm oil and pork are all depressed, something not going well in China?

  2. Arthur Says:

    Great podcast. From a macro view, the more volatile and uncertain, the better.

  3. Arthur Says:

    ROBERT SHILLER (ARTICLE): “Honestly, I don’t know what to make of US stocks right now. President-elect Trump might actually boost the market even further. First of all, he wants to cut the corporate profits tax. That’s an immediate direct feed into the stock market. Secondly, he doesn’t care about the environment or other quality of life things. He just wants corporations to succeed. That’s also bullish for the stock market. And then thirdly, he is an inspiration to many people. So maybe they start spending more and maybe someone will try businesses that were considered too risky before. So I’m tempted to be optimistic for the short run and I can I imagine that US stocks go up from here for a while even though valuations are at a high level.” FUW.CH – December 28, 2016

    • Chicken Says:

      Shiller should be required to pay an frequent emissions tax on his proceeds for opening his mouth with subjective accusations. By his logic, genocide is commendable.

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