Notes From Underground: An Efficient Way to Access Notes From Underground

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of chatting with Adam Johnson, a former trader and Bloomberg TV anchor, who is currently the founder and author of the Bullseye Brief. We covered a great deal of the world and Adam, in the manner of Anthony Crudele and Richard Bonugli, was a great interlocutor as all previous investment professionals tend to be.
The podcasts provide an ability to cover issues in a very in-depth manner. Remember though, I don’t TOUT but merely offers a focus on the issues that are pertinent to traders and investors. As I always caution, do your own work to establish risk parameters you are comfortable with in order to achieve the greatest returns for the least amount of risk. I will expound upon some of the themes of from the podcast in the coming days and weeks. But something you OUGHT to be cognizant of: A theme I am developing is to measure the most significant or dangerous persons to the global or domestic investment environments. The top of my list is Vladimir Putin, Mario Draghi and Recep Erdogan. More to follow but pour that needed libation and enjoy the BLOG from BULLSEYE.

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4 Responses to “Notes From Underground: An Efficient Way to Access Notes From Underground”

  1. judd Says:

    Best interview you’ve done! Adam did a wonderful job of just letting you speak. No time constraints requiring soundbites. Congrats!

  2. Bullseyebrief Says:

    What a great collaboration Yra! Thanks for sharing.

    Adam Johnson 917.710.8347


  3. rld Says:

    Terrific! One of your very best ! Very helpful perspective for these volatile markets. Thanks.

  4. Chicken Says:

    So now, following a year of insider front running, the public is finally informed of DB’s shaky status.

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