Notes From Underground: G-19? Wherefore Art Thou AMLO?

We at Notes From Underground are keeping it short tonight, but including a link to a podcast I recorded with the White Wave Trading. I sit down with the group one or twice a week in order to analyze potential trading opportunities. Thursday’s discussion revolved around potential outcomes from this weekend’s G-20 meeting in Osaka, Japan.

The major theme is President Trump and Premier Xi Jinping coming to a decision on the Chinese agricultural tariffs on American exports. Also, another issue to be raised next week: Why Mexican President Obrador decided to pass on the G-20 meeting given that there’s so much positive potential for Mexico at this meeting. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to “Notes From Underground: G-19? Wherefore Art Thou AMLO?”

  1. Mike Temple Says:

    I will listen later. However, I have an editorial bone to pick with you.

    I was taught this by my HS English teacher as we read “Romeo and Juliet”

    The phrase “Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo” has a different meaning than we all assume it has

    In Shakespeare’s English of the day, it actually means

    “Romeo, why are you Romeo”

    The implication is that Juliet was bemoaning that Romeo was a Montagu (her father’s mortal enemy) and was not a Capulet.

    Sorry to be so picayune. If you are in Chicago during August, I would happily buy you lunch or coffee to make it up to you.

    Will listen to your financial pearls of wisdom later.

    Put me in the camp, however, that a sea change has now occurred in the gold market.



  2. Judd Hirschberg Says:

    Yra thanks for dropping in today! Pax and the rest of the room always look forward to the conversation. It’s great to get into the subject matter when you’re not restricted to sound bites or time.

  3. Rob Syp Says:

    Calling Mnuchin Fredo is just way to funny your tough Yra your tough…. can’t stop laughing he was interviewed by Hadley Gamble (easy on the eyes) the other morning and his expressions fit the bill.

    Thanks Judd it was nice hearing give and take in an unadulterated format.

    • David Richards Says:

      If Mnuchin is Fredo, then Pompeo is Sonny?.. lol. Looks like the Don overruled him and Bolton on both Iran and China, at least for now.

  4. Bob Zimmerman Says:

    Enjoyed listening to the podcast. I read the Times article very enlightening! TY

  5. David Richards Says:

    Reports in SCMP from Friday that the Chinese placed a large order of grain on Friday.

    And the way the semiconductors stocks suddenly soared, some must have known that Trump was going to remove the export ban as he announced in his Saturday presser. Or was it because some like Micron and Qualcomm, dying from the ban, had begun to ignore it anyway, having found a legal workaround (based on the percentage of foreign content in their products). As the ban was a threat to the very survival of some, as they’d conveyed to Mr Trump (up to 60% of US semiconductor production is sold to China). Of course, had China banned REM’s, then US production of semi’s would fall to virtually zero.

    Well, I call more Ag sales, more semi sales, the scrapping of entity lists, and preempting a looming REM ban, a win-win and a step back from the previous lose-lose situation. Sanity restored.

    Risk on. Dollar down. My charts still has DXY is going to the 80’s.

    • Judd Hirschberg Says:

      With 6 minutes to go before NYSE close 100K of Futures were bought. That’s a Billion Dollars/ with embedded Futures leverage that’s a 10 Bil dollar bet. No body knows exept the boys front running for Trump!

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