Notes From Underground: November Podcast

Wishing all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for all my blessings in my life and for the engagement with my readers in these tumultuous times. Enjoy the podcast I recorded with Anthony Cruedele as we consider investment themes going forward.

Thankfully, Yra

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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4 Responses to “Notes From Underground: November Podcast”

  1. Bob Zimmerman Says:

    Excellent Podcast!
    The Democrats should spend a good portion of the billion dollars on the Georgia Senate race to get the vote out.

  2. alohabrenda Says:

    Hi Ira, I loved your podcast today as well as every time!! Anthony mentioned something about you and Kushal possibly doing something together. I’d be very interested to learn more form you about your top down approach to the markets. I’ve traded with Matt (Pax) and Judd and listened to you many times with them as well as your blog and there is still so much I’d like to learn in order to make trades and investments that still allow me to sleep well at night and less time on the screens. I love the markets and do pretty well trading them but a better understanding of cycles and macros might get me to the place I would like to enjoy life more and let the markets come to me. If you do put together a group or any sort of coaching I’d love to be notified! Thanks for all you give back to those of us trying to understand a mere token of what you do.

    Best and Happy Turkey Day,

    Brenda LaMont San Francisco


  3. Guy Williams Says:

    Yra, Thanks for the podcast, the wisdom, and your friendship. During a difficult year, you helped me help my family. Happy Holidays my friend,  Guy Williams

  4. Pierre C Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Yra!
    I’m glad you brought the blog back.

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