Notes From Underground: Another Day in the Dark With Dr. Faber

Dr. Marc Faber and I had a 65-minute discussion with Richard Bonugli and the Financial Repression Authority. It was about eight months ago since we last discussed the global macro world and while it does not have the pizzaz of CNBC, those who listen to the discourse in 2020 would’ve been rewarded as many of the issues we discussed proved to be highly profitable investments. The themes remain similar although the rapid rise in mining and ag stocks have me leaning on the cautious side even as ADM, BG, FCX, Glencore and certainly KSU power forward to new highs.

Any global macro trader would RELISH being correct three out of every 10 times for the key is keeping risks low while discovering the best opportunities for very sizable gains. Listen in as I am honored to discuss with one of the most insightful global macro minds for the last 50 years. REMEMBER, THIS IS NOT ABOUT VALIDATION BUT DISCOURSE in an effort to use macro analysis to lead to great profit potential.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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One Response to “Notes From Underground: Another Day in the Dark With Dr. Faber”

  1. David Richards Says:

    FIRST haha. Marc Faber is a revered speaker amongst many in this field here in Asia. He’s a gem and has been for decades, but sadly he fell out of favour recently in the SJW-dominated West due to, IMHO, some misinterpretation and East-West culture clash, let’s leave it at that. Except I’ll add, I find it ironic that the self-proclaimed enlightened or “woke” SJW mindset that preaches tolerance was so summarily intolerant of someone from a different culture where they’re likely to express their thoughts differently or even crudely from your perspective.

    Cut some slack to people with a different background and/or how they express themselves, and don’t impose your values on others abroad (as many Americans are guilty of doing) or else you ironically engage in a type of intolerace that you yourself condemn. It shouldn’t be “my way or the highway”, especially when dealing with foreigners. Instead it should be an open-minded discussion leading to mutual understanding and growth.

    I could explain some examples the other direction (US to Asia) like some adverts that offended certain Asian groups in Asia, presumably innocently out of ignorance. It happens. Discuss, learn and move on better. Not “cancel”.

    I greatly look forward to listening to Marc, Yra et al as soon as possible. Thank you!

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