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Notes From Underground: The Success of any EU DEBT Relief program Rotates on a German Axel

January 17, 2011

Some housekeeping weekend news: British Petroleum returned to the Russian market as it announced that it was swapping $16 billion shares of its stock for an equivalent amount of ROSNEFT, rendering the Kremlin the largestĀ BP shareholder. BP management has determined that its future is better off in developing large Russian oil reserves than depending on the capriciousness of U.S. ENERGY POLICY. This is not an easy issue as some previous aggrieved parties are going to slow this agreement down until they receive compensation for past illegal moves by the PUTIN clique. More importantly, it says that serious business people are beginning to see a change in Russia and want to be part of the early movers into the “great potential.’


Notes From Underground: The G20 is meeting and Soros is chirping

June 25, 2010

It seems that George Soros is the go-to guy for the media as the G-20 gathers. In anĀ op-ed piece in the Financial Times, the palindrome finds his voice about how the Germans are ruining the European project that has been the paradigm for Soros’s long-desired government–of course with George himself as the philosopher KING. He opines that it would be better if Germany reinstated its D-MARK and the PIIGS keep the EURO and let it devalue so that they can begin to work out of the mess the EU has created.