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Notes From Underground: No Surprises This Monday

November 28, 2011

Even as the rumors of a massive IMF intervention to support Italy faded into the New York close the equity were buoyed by the robust start to the HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON. Increased sales and no bad news from Europe left the risk on (deleveraging halted) for at least another day. The 2/10 Italian curve aided the rally as the curve MOVED 50 BASIS POINTS AND CLAWED BACK TO A POSITIVE SLOPE. IN YESTERDAY’S BLOG IT WAS NOTED THAT THE 2/10 CURVES OF THE SPANISH AND ITALIAN DEBT MARKETS WERE NOW AN IMPORTANT INDICATOR OF DEBT STRESS AND FEARS FOR THE ECONOMIES OF THOSE ON THE PRECIPICE OF CRISIS.


Notes From Underground: Slow news weekend = no stress ’til next weekend

July 18, 2010

There has been very little news this weekend in regards to the financial markets. Reuters reported that the IMF will delay aid to Hungary as the new government is perceived as dragging its feet in installing the fiscal reforms that are needed to meet IMF demands. We don’t think this is a major event yet, as the Hungarians are trying to buy some time for domestic political reasons and the situation is not dire at this time.¬†Also, the IMF has requested another $250 billion in additional commitments in order to boost its lending resources to $1 trillion. IMF officials want to build a larger safety net so it’s prepared to help head off future global crises.