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Notes From Underground: Yra Offers a Modest Proposal

October 1, 2013

First and foremost: This week’s postponement of the unemployment report has provided me with an idea. Because of the fear of data leaks from the sequestered media and the influence of high frequency trading and headline algorithm readers, I HEREBY PROPOSE THAT ALL GOVERNMENT DATA RELEASES SHOULD TAKE PLACE ON SUNDAY MORNING, OR IN THE SPIRIT OF PAUL VOLCKER, SATURDAY EVENING. By releasing the Federal data on the weekend, market participants and journalists could analyze the data and do their releases prior to the Asia openings on Sunday night. This would make the markets more efficient but of course less volatile. I know it will mean less opportunity for the high-speed correlative traders but the result would be to provide the markets with more causation and less correlation and hopefully return a modicum of trust  to the retail trader who appears to be missing from the present market environment. Just trying to bring some sanity to the madness that currently exists on a day-to-day basis. The closing of some government functions may allow some thoughts on alternative ideas. Just thinking outside the beltway.