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Notes From Underground: The Markets to Bernanke–CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

January 29, 2012

Post-FOMC meeting it seems the FED move is fraught with all types of dangers as the even all the bitterness and acrimony flowing out of the loose lips of EUROCRATS could not prevent a slide in the U.S. DOLLAR. FED AGGRESSIVENESS AND ITS FINANCIAL REPRESSION TRUMPS THE LUNACY THAT IS EUROPE. It is apparent that the FED‘s policy is to push U.S. rates lower across the entire curve–WE KNEW THAT–and to get ahead of any political criticism that is surely to arise as Chairman Bernanke appears before the House Budget Committee on Thursday. Paul Ryan will certainly give Mr. Bernanke a difficult time as the republicans will want to make the FED and its policies part of the election debate.


Notes From Underground: Hey, George Osborne! Are You Daft?

August 14, 2011

The weekend news has been unusually quiet, so with no news about any spreading of the financial crisis the EUROCRATS were opining about the need for Germany to back a massive issuance of EUROBONDS. Joining in the chorus for the creation of a massive dose of EUROBONDS were a group of global finance ministers, including Mr. Tremonti from Italy. The world’s PHILOSOPHER KING, George Soros, also threw his weight behind the need for a EUROBOND. It is now widely known that Merkel and Sarkozy are to meet in Paris on Tuesday in an effort to come to some agreement on [INSERT THOUGHT HERE], so as to help calm European markets and provide some plan for relieving the pressure on French and other European Banks.