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Notes From Underground: Greece Shakes-Part II

May 9, 2011

Again, we enter the world of rumors and innuendos about Europe. I am reissuing a piece from June 2010 just to reflect how the European merry-go-round is not about resolution but obfuscation. It is important to reflect and gain perspective before I move on to analyze the possibilities before us on any type of dramatic resolution, similar to the rumors that swirled on Friday about Greece leaving the EURO. The possibility of a Greek drachma rebirth would create various outcomes. It may well provoke a EUROPEAN BANKING CRISIS,¬†which could have a deflationary effect on the global financial system, and may well be why the WORLD’S DEBT MARKETS ARE CONFOUNDING THE EXPERTS BY REFUSING TO GO INTO A TAILSPIN. Much to think about as Europe seraches for the solutions to a difficult situation.

June 14, 2010: Greece Shakes; Spain Rattles; and German Government Threatens to Roll