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Notes From Underground: The G20 Is as Shaky as a “Fiddler On A Roof”

April 20, 2015

Indulge me, my readers. When I saw the movie Fiddler On the Roof 43 years ago with my now-wife, there was a line that made me laugh for it mirrored conversations that we shared about my nose always being buried in a book about history, economics and probably politics. In the movie, the young radical Perchik wishes to ask Tevye’s daughter, Hodel, to marry him. The question takes place in this dialogue:

Perchik: Hodel there’s a question, a question I … I wish to discuss with you
Hodel: Yes?
P: It’s a political question
H: What is it?
P: The question of marriage
H: Is this a political question?
P: Well, yes. Yes, everything’s political. Like everything else, the relationship between a man and a woman has a socio-economic base. Marriage must be founded on mutual beliefs. A common attitude and philosophy toward society.
H: And affection?
P: Well, yes, of course. That is also necessary.


Notes From Underground: Exchange Controls Building a Stairway to Haven?

December 11, 2011

There’s talk abound about the possibility of exchange controls. The ability to slow the inflow and outflow of funds is being discussed from Greece to Germany and Switzerland. It is no secret that many citizens in the peripheries are moving EUROS out of their domestic banks and into German, Swiss ans British domiciled entities. The German paper HANDELSBLATT had an article during the weekend suggesting that the SNB and Swiss government are readying a plan to undertake exchange controls and a true negative interest rate regime. The overly strong SWISS FRANC has placed a great deal of stress on the Swiss economy and the Swiss authorities want to head off any demand for FRANCS if the EURO were to fail.


Notes From Underground: The Greek Parliament Shows Its Confidence … Will the Markets Do the Same?

June 21, 2011

In a widely predicted outcome, the Greek Parliament voted 155-144 to sustain the government of George Papandreou and allow for next week’s vote on the new austerity budget–and the release of another round of bailout funds. The global equity markets and the EURO sustained a second day of rally as investors were willing buyers of risk in the HOPE of a respite from the turmoil of European sovereign debt. Tomorrow’s Financial Times has an article about Greek citizens cashing in their EUROS for GOLD.