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Notes From Underground: The G20 Is as Shaky as a “Fiddler On A Roof”

April 20, 2015

Indulge me, my readers. When I saw the movie Fiddler On the Roof 43 years ago with my now-wife, there was a line that made me laugh for it mirrored conversations that we shared about my nose always being buried in a book about history, economics and probably politics. In the movie, the young radical Perchik wishes to ask Tevye’s daughter, Hodel, to marry him. The question takes place in this dialogue:

Perchik: Hodel there’s a question, a question I … I wish to discuss with you
Hodel: Yes?
P: It’s a political question
H: What is it?
P: The question of marriage
H: Is this a political question?
P: Well, yes. Yes, everything’s political. Like everything else, the relationship between a man and a woman has a socio-economic base. Marriage must be founded on mutual beliefs. A common attitude and philosophy toward society.
H: And affection?
P: Well, yes, of course. That is also necessary.


Notes From Underground: Employment numbers were robust … YADA YADA YADA

May 7, 2010

Both Canada and the U.S. reported strong job numbers and the market paid heed for a very short period of time. We are focused on credit for that is where the markets are focused. The global markets are enamored with the possibility of combined action by the G7 members, especially with the ECB leading the way¬†by providing a massive dose of short-term liquidity to remove the pressure on the LIBOR rate–European Banks are having funding problems on the overnight markets.