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Notes From Underground: Is This the Market Genuflecting To the Presumed Power Of the G-7?

May 24, 2016

Confusion rained/reigned today as all the main global equity markets rallied as if spooked by some possible sea-change in policy. While some analysts attributed the strong rally a low volume short covering rush to the exits, I BELIEVE IT IS THE RESPONSE TO THE LARRY SUMMERS’S PUSH FOR A MASSIVE GLOBAL BASED FISCAL STIMULUS PACKAGE. This has been Summers’s mantra for the past year and it is gaining a following in the inner sanctum of the global elite. There is no question that the DAVOS CROWD has been battered by the gaining strength of “fringe party” electors around the world. There is a need on the part of the self-selected elite to maintain their hold over government policy. A massive stimulus package spent on investment tax credits and massive infrastructure projects will provide the boost to maintaining positions of authority. Those who are concerned about budget deficits will be told that with interest rates at record lows it would be folly not to invest in our children’s futures.


Notes From Underground: To British Prime Minister David Cameron — Only Twits Tweet

November 15, 2015

It is appalling that even political leaders are in such a hurry to gain recognition that they rush to put out tweets like any movie star or music artist in an effort to gain followers. The British prime minister rushed out this superficial bout of pabulum: “I am shocked by events in Paris tonight. Our thoughts and prayers are with the French people. We will do whatever we can to help.” This is what the leader of a nation with armed forces at his disposal rushes to send out to the world. It is so vacuous that mere words cannot measure the low esteem in which I hold the reigning British leader.What next? Selfies with tears pouring down his cheeks in order to show the French people how truly saddened are the Brits and how those across the channel feel the pain caused by the millenarian nihilists.