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Notes From Underground: Question of the Day–Which 2-Year Note Yields More, Germany or Japan?

April 10, 2012

The world spins and investors get dizzy. Today the German 2-year note is yielding less than the Japanese two-year! Think about that for a moment as an indicator of the insanity that has enveloped the world. The Germans may well be the best credit in Europe but at this moment the German people are on the hook for a great deal of European DEBT so the SCHATZ is trading at a level that is devoid of reality. The reason for the SCHATZ BID may be a result of the need for high quality collateral to secure REPO borrowing or it may be a signal that citizens of the DEBT-STRESSED PERIPHERIES have grown tired of their domestic banks and are parking huge amounts of money in GERMAN SOVEREIGNS … another example of GRESHAM’s LAW.


Notes From Underground: A Market Pregnant With Fear Suffers A Contraction From A Confusing Headline

October 25, 2011

The global markets are on tenterhooks waiting for the European leaders to come to some definitive plan of action to secure the European banking sector and provide relief to the problem of sovereign solvency issue of the so-called PIIGS. This problem has plagued the financial landscape since January 2010, when the Chinese SWF failed to buy a Greek 25 billion euro bond offering. When China didn’t fund Greece, the spotlight was directed to the European debt markets and the result has been a steady decay in the value of the sovereign debt of the European peripheries. After previous crisis meetings to stem the debt crisis, the time has come for the EUROCRATS and their political leaders to provide a program that has some genuine credibility.