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Notes From Underground: Just a Note Before I Go On Vacation

July 28, 2015

It’s time to take a few days and recharge the mind. But before saddling up and heading off into the SUNSET here’s a few concepts to consider. Longtime NOTES readers know that the tagline 2+2=5 is a very serious construct for thinking outside the proverbial box. The line comes from Dostoyevsky’s short story, “Notes From Underground” in which the Russian master of literature protests against the RATIONALISTS who pretend to be all-knowing, like the FED MODELS. Just because things appear to be in balance doesn’t mean they are factual, so my goal is to look beyond conventional wisdom and find relevance and profit opportunity in what may appear to be mundane. While I am away new readers to NOTES should look back in the archives to see how we dissected ordinary news to find investment possibilities. The aim is to achieve economic gain through the analysis of politics and economics for the combination of political economy is the main thrust of this BLOG. Now, tomorrow and the FED:


Notes From Underground: The Continued Saga of Alex Tsipras and the Troika

June 15, 2015

It is difficult for the global markets to maintain a continued concentration on the fallout from the Greek credit crisis. The markets have spent five years trying to discern what the impact will be from either a default and the Greeks leaving the Euro and thus the EU. The last few days of trading has to make the European authorities nervous as the rising specter of the Greeks actually pushing the exit button becomes a genuine possibility. (Or at least the Greeks want to impress upon their creditors that it is a tactic they are not afraid to utilize.) The fear of a country actually choosing to EXIT has led to yields on Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland to rise dramatically. The 2/10 yield curves have steepened as investors are lightening up on the peripheral nation bonds. (The ECB seems to have been sidelined for the last few days as the bank preserves its capital for possible more volatile situation.)


Notes From Underground: CNBC Santelli Exchange — Is China Afraid of a `Greece’ Fire?

April 20, 2015

Yra & Rick, April 20, 2015Click on the image to watch me and Rick discuss Greece.

Notes From Underground: Today’s Surprise Announcement

April 16, 2015

It is the day before the beginning of the IMF and G20 meetings in Washington,D.C. In preparation for dissecting the communiques that will be released this weekend it is important to digest some of the key data and speeches that have forced the markets to rethink some of its previous certainties.