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Notes From Underground: Sarkozy and Merkel … Is That All There Is??? (Peggy Lee)

August 16, 2011

The markets were all waiting for a major statement regarding the European political situation and its effect on the financial system. It wound up being the most banal as it makes me wonder what leaders of the two dominant nations in the EU held back from the media and markets. The main point was the announcement about a financial transaction tax, but to say there were no specifics about the tax given would be hyperbole. The markets were expecting some statement about an increase of funds for the EFSF, but again, nothing. The EURO was initially sold but by day’s end the damage to the currency was less than minimal.


Notes From Underground: Hey, George Osborne! Are You Daft?

August 14, 2011

The weekend news has been unusually quiet, so with no news about any spreading of the financial crisis the EUROCRATS were opining about the need for Germany to back a massive issuance of EUROBONDS. Joining in the chorus for the creation of a massive dose of EUROBONDS were a group of global finance ministers, including Mr. Tremonti from Italy. The world’s PHILOSOPHER KING, George Soros, also threw his weight behind the need for a EUROBOND. It is now widely known that Merkel and Sarkozy are to meet in Paris on Tuesday in an effort to come to some agreement on [INSERT THOUGHT HERE], so as to help calm European markets and provide some plan for relieving the pressure on French and other European Banks.


Notes From Underground: Bernanke sings with Huey Lewis–Your Cash Ain’t Nothing But Trash

November 4, 2010

In day one of the world held hostage, the FED‘s QE2 program proved a great success. The dollar declined. Commodities soared. Metals shined. The equity markets took its newfound wealth effect in full stride. And the Treasury market rallied. Even though the 30-year bond is not a major component of the FED‘s purchasing program, it too rallied strongly as the sub 2.5 percent yield on the 10-year note sent investors further down the curve looking for a little more yield. The FED got all the bang out of the “wealth effect” that it could as investors around the world have realized that their  “cash was nothing but trash”–exactly the outcome the FED is looking to achieve.