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Notes From Underground: CNBC- Fed is ‘Stuck’

December 15, 2010

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Notes From Underground: BOJ is emergency meeting tonight–Shirakawa leaves Jackson Hole early

August 29, 2010

The Jackson Hole Symposium is over. The talking heads attempted to spin the Bernanke speech as the mainstay of the discussion. However, we are hard pressed to find anything new in what Bernanke had to say. He basically laid to rest the idea of cutting the interest rate on bank reserves since the FED seems to be very uncertain about the effects it would have on various market participants. Also, Chairman Bernanke seemed to slay the idea that the FED will move toward an inflation target. The markets took solace in the fact that the FED will be there to support the markets if the recovery grinds to a halt, but for now the FED sees no immediate need to undergo a new more robust QE 2.