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Notes From Underground: Ball of Confusion

March 5, 2018

Segregation, determination, demonstration, integration, aggravation,

humiliation, obligation to our nation

Ball of Confusion that’s what the world is today [yeah, yeah]

The sale of pills is at an all time high

young folks walkin’ ’round with their heads in the sky

Cities aflame in the summer time, oh the beat goes on

Eve of destruction tax deduction

City inspectors, bill collectors,

Evolution, revolution, gun control, the sound of soul,

Shootin’ rockets to the moon,kids growin’ up too soon

Politicians say more taxes will solve ev’rything, and the band played on.


Notes From Underground: Together Again

October 13, 2016

Back from the spiritual cleanse and I chatted with Mr. Santelli today about volatility as the prairie fires of global politics causes great angst and HEADWINDS for markets. There was nothing new for readers of Notes From Underground as we have weighed and measured many of the issues plaguing the global markets. In this post, I want to call attention to a couple of pieces that appeared in the press Monday night and Tuesday morning. The front page of Tuesday’s Financial Times had a story, “Deutsche Received Special Treatment In The EU Stress Tests Via ECB Concession.”

Yra & Rick, October 13, 2016Click on the image to watch me and Rick discuss market volatility


Notes From Underground: The East Coast & Equity Markets are “Waitin’ On A Sunny Day”

October 30, 2012

First and foremost: To all of my readers, friends and their families in the path of the hurricane that has wreaked havoc on so many lives, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you strive to put your lives back together. For you I am “Waitin’ On A Sunny Day.” The markets will do their job of assessing the damage to property and the economic impact that follows such devastation. Hopefully lost lives were kept to a minimum. For those trying to measure the economic impact I warn to be careful with all the flotsam and jetsam that will be filling the airwaves about how the repairs of the storm battered region is certain to be a form of economic stimulus.


Notes From Underground: FROM MERKOZY to MERDE???? (HAT TIP BC)

July 29, 2012
Friday afternoon the markets received a second dose of “constructive news” as the twitter was filled with noise about a phone conversation between Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande. The German and French leaders confirmed that everything possible would be done to save the EURO. The EURO rallied strongly at first but after further thought retreated to basically unchanged from Thursday.


Notes From Underground: April Showers Bring May Unemployment

May 3, 2012

As everybody reading and/or listening to financial news all week knows, tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. CST the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release the unemployment report, which has been deemed as the most important data since …….????? The consensus is now for a nonfarm payroll increase of 170,000, the RATE TO STAY AT 8.2% and average hourly earnings to increase 0.2%. After Wednesday’s ADP data, the market has lowered its NFP expectations and thus, a consensus number of 170,000 will be a positive for the EQUITY markets, positive for the DOLLAR and meaningless for the BONDS.


Notes From Underground: A Spectre of Arrogance Chains Europe to Its Past

November 25, 2011

In reviewing past works and our coverage of Europe, we are RE-RELEASING some earlier pieces to reflect the merry-go-round of European policy making. Nothing like seeing the GHOSTS of CHRISTMAS PAST.

 AXEL IS ARMED AND DANGEROUS (February 21, 2011)

WHILE EUROPE SLEPT (December 19, 2010)