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Notes From Underground: Six little words … “IN A CONTEXT OF PRICE STABILITY”

September 19, 2011

In Monday’s New York Times there is an op-ed piece by the GREATEST CENTRAL BANKER, Paul Volcker. It seems that the man who was shuffled aside by the Obama administration found a rather curious time to question the Bernanke Jackson Hole speech. (Especially since Obama and his economic team used Volcker to establish its “street cred” and then disposed of his giant stature by turning him into “AN INVISIBLE MAN.”)


Notes From Underground: HELL hath frozen over

August 13, 2010

Paul Krugman’s piece in Friday’s New York Times gives more support to our “Ball OF Confusion” piece.While we respect Krugman’s work from the 1990s, on Japan and deflation we find his political views too venomous for our taste. But again, when he sticks to his economics he deserves a read.