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Notes From Underground: Will Parliament’s Dissolution Become the Beginning of the Solution?

November 14, 2012

Last night , Prime Minister Noda decided to call for new elections in Japan and that automatically ends this session of the DIET. The elections will take place in a month and the present unpopularity of the DPJ means that the LDP is the favorite. It seems that Noda was willing to call elections on the promise that the new parliament would work toward some type of election reform. Hopefully some of the readers of NFU will help fill in the specifics about the issues of election reform. The YEN was sold off on the news of Parliament’s dissolution because the present strength of the YEN and its negative impact on Japanese manufacturing is certain to be an issue. The LDP’s leader, Shinzo Abe, has been very vocal about the BOJ/MOF doing more to raise inflation in the Japanese economy and to be more aggressive in efforts to weaken the YEN. While the YEN weakened, the NIKKEI index held its overnight gains even as the S&Ps, DOW and NASDAQ were knocked lower following President Obama’s press conference.


Notes From Underground: The Dutch may have windmill but markets have rumor mills

August 30, 2010

First things first: The Japanese Central Bank did in fact hold an emergency meeting Sunday. The market’s initial reaction was to sell the YEN. But the market was disappointed when the BOJ and MOF trotted out the same old, tired plans for stimulus at a press conference.¬†There would be no intervention to halt the YEN appreciation, thus the market reversed the YEN selling and the DOLLAR was sold off by 150 pips. All the YEN crosses also reversed–the market punished the Japanese for TALKING LOUDLY AND CARRYING A LITTLE STICK. Moral of the story for Finance Minister NODA and MOF¬†GOVERNOR SHIRAKAWA: Like a groom on the honeymoon, don’t promise more then you can deliver.