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Notes From Underground: Draghi Channels Bush’s “MissionAccomplished”

January 22, 2013

Today, ECB President Draghi spoke to the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and proclaimed that the DARKEST CLOUDS OVER THE EUROZONE HAVE PASSED. Yes, since the July 26 pronouncement that the ECB would do anything to preserve the euro and its financial system–and also there would be “no taboos” on what the ECB could utilize to save the euro. The markets have certainly quieted, as has been reflected in the Italian and Spanish debt markets, as well as the equity markets across the European Union. In my opinion Mr. Draghi should not put away his boots and umbrella as some clouds may have passed but the radar is citing other severe fronts. President Draghi added in the Reuters piece: “But there is simply no alternative to the path of reform. Despite the good progress so far showing that adjustment is happening, reform efforts need to be sustained …. Countries need competitiveness to sustain growth.”