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Notes From Underground: All the Rumors Fit to Print in an Algorithmic World

June 8, 2015

Woke Up Got Out Of Bed, Dragged A Mouse Across My Desk … I read the News Today Oh Boy …

French Official:Obama Said Strong Dollar Is Problem
U.S. Official:Obama Didn’t Say Strong Dollar Was A Problem
White House Denies Obama Said Strong Dollar A Problem
These are the type of fabricated headlines that are meant to create volatility in a world in which algo headline readers react to key words: OBAMA, STRONG DOLLAR, PROBLEM. Did President Obama actually make a passing comment about the U.S. dollar? We don’t know except that the president himself denied making such comments at his G-7 press conference. It is poor journalism for media outlets to cite UNNAMED officials in distributing information that is certain to have market moving impact, but in today’s world of “first move” advantage there is a rush to get any headline to a Twitter feed regardless of validity. Did Obama make such a comment? Maybe in this context.