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Notes From Underground: When Britain Was Great

April 25, 2016

It was rumored that British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli opined that there are LIES, DAMNED LIES and STATISTICS. Some claim that it was not Disraeli but others who used various phrases similar to this, but regardless the BREXIT debate brings this concept back into everyday nomenclature. The British Treasury and other pro-REMAIN analysts have through the use of STATIC modeling conjecture that if Britain leaves the EU GDP will be significantly lower by 2030. How the statistic gods reach this conclusion is certainly based on the use of static inputs. If Britain were to LEAVE the EU the English would become far more dynamic in their efforts to secure trade around the world. The Obama view on Brexit is laughable for it was only several months ago that the U.S. President and Treasury Secretary Lew were castigating the BRITS for being first movers in joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in direct opposition to the desires of the U.S. It seems that the REMAIN IN block was delighted that President Obama suggested that the Brits would go to the back of the QUEUE in any bilateral trade negotiations if the BREXIT vote succeeded. WHAT RUBBISH.