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Notes From Underground: Friday’s Unemployment, Or, Our Own Version of Operation Twist

November 1, 2012

Ah, the November 1 and the equity market regained its footing from yesterday’s post-Sandy house cleaning. The NASDAQ 100 recovered to close back above the midweek break below the 200-day moving average (2659) and closed in full rally mode. Supporting the NASDAQ action was the S&P/U.S. BOND RATIO, which gives a picture of interest rates to equity prices, also tested its key moving average and held after a short breach. It is amazing how many markets have reverted back to the 200-day m.a. in the last two weeks, which is a sign of health for the market as so many different trading instruments have been technically overextended–reversion to some established mean is a sign of health. Now that so many variables have reverted the market is set up to reveal some coming story. I am not sure of the tale but it is a signal to be alert for some approaching volatile price action.


Notes From Underground: GDP reports of the North-U.S. and Canada

October 28, 2010

Friday morning we will get the third-quarter GDP reports from the U.S. and Canada, both coming out at 7:30 a.m. CST. The U.S. is looking for growth of 2.1 percent and it will give us a good look to see if there was enough growth to support the equity rally and corporate profit picture we have seen this quarter. A bigger number may give the FED the cover to proceed down a less robust QE path and push out a liquidity addition on a glide path that was proposed by ST.LOUIS FED President James Bullard.