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Notes From Underground: The FOMC Minutes … Worried About Premature Extraculation

February 20, 2013

In reading through the FOMC minutes I ponder the headlines that screamed about the hawkish tone in the minds of the FOMC members. You have to be looking for “negative waves” to find an overly cautious FED. The most striking effort of ending the LSAP (large-scale asset purchase) program is the work of Governor Jeremy Stein who delivered a powerful speech last week about the mal-effects that the FED‘s QE program was having on other financial markets (especially the corporate debt markets where the search for yield was causing the possible removal of risk pricing into the high yield corporate bonds.) The minutes noted: “Several participants discussed the possible complications that additional purchases could cause for the eventual withdrawal of policy accommodation, a few mentioned the prospect of inflationary risks, and some noted that further asset purchases could foster market behavior that could undermine financial stability.” Again, no surprise here as it was detailed out in Jeremy Stein’s speech.