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Notes From Underground: JACKSON HOLE is RUNNING ON EMPTY

September 3, 2012

The Bernanke speech did not surprise readers of NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND as Bernanke did not promise any new stimulus plan but spent most of the speech recalling the successes of the FED’S extraordinary efforts to stimulate the economy and prevent a disastorous deflationary period from gaining traction in a debt-ladened financial system. The initial market response was a selloff in the precious metals as the ALGOS reacted to a no new stimulus headline with, “risk off” and after reading that the headlines were cursory and misleading, reversed and the GOLD AND OTHER RISK ON ASSETS WENT INTO FULL RALLY MODE.


Notes From Underground: Hey S&P! GOLD DOWNGRADED THE U.S. LONG AGO

August 7, 2011


Readers of Notes From Underground are aware of my total disdain for the three major rating agencies as they have sold their souls to the Wall Street money machine years ago. In an effort to regain some lost innocence, they are attempting to downgrade the nation-states of the world prior to economic calamity. The people at S&P were determined to downgrade the U.S. even when the U.S. Treasury pointed out that their math was flawed and the deficit going forward was off by a mere $2 trillion. Why should I put any value in a rating group that cannot even do the maths correctly and admit they were off by $2 trillion. Do we rally need the whores at S&P to tell us that the U.S. is a problem? Hey, GOLD is trading $1665. Don’t you think the market has already done its ratings?



February 2, 2011

Now that the lights have been turned off at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and all the sycophants have praised the wealth creators of the world, the question must be asked: What takes place in this beautiful resort that people spend up to $500,000 for the privilege of sharing thoughts with the global movers and shakers? If so much can be gained by listening to policy makers in private sessions, shouldn’t the whole FORUM be deemed an inside trader’s paradise?


Notes From Underground: The World Awaits the State of the Union but it is Sarkozy in Search of A Balcony

January 24, 2011

First and foremost: My thoughts and prayers go out to  the Russian people as the nihilistic elements of global terrorism crafted its senseless actions on the Moscow Airport. It is not my bullish view on Russia that provokes my thoughts, but rather the ugliness of NIHILISM. Random terrorist acts are to be opposed wherever and whenever they raise its spectre of wanton destructiveness. The Russians will of course respond with a heavy hand for Putin et al care very little about public relations. Brutality will beget brutality. Political expediency will trump all rationality for  neither Medvedev nor Putin will want to be perceived as weak in the eyes of a resurgent nationalistic populace.


Notes From Underground: Pimco calls for some of the PIIGS to leave the STRAW HOUSE AND HIT THE BRICS

December 20, 2010

A note from Andrew Bosomworth, head of Pimco’s European Portfolio, suggests that Greece, Ireland and Portugal would be better off leaving the euro currency until they get their houses in order. Bosomworth wrote it will be difficult but it can be done and the currency devaluations that will be part of exit will aid the PIG in its attempt at economic recovery.


Notes From Underground: Where are the jobs? Recent employment report doesn’t jive

December 5, 2010

Friday’s U.S. unemployment report was far less robust than anticipated. This consensus miss led to a selloff in the DOLLAR and a rally in commodities as the weak number gave rise to the need for more aggressive FED action. At first blush the GOLD was sold and other commodities also were falling but that didn’t last long as the risk-on trade gained the upper hand on the full execution of QE2. The worst part of the unemployment data was that the RATE INCREASED TO 9.8 PERCENT and this is what drives the FED at this juncture.


Notes From Underground: Canadian central bank enters the rhetorical world-Are the markets LOONIE?

April 20, 2010

This morning we learned that the Bank of Canada removed the phrase “conditional commitment,” which lends the market to anticipate that the Canadians will begin raising rates in June. We have discussed for the past four months that the fundamentals underlying the Canadian economy are very strong –the only drags being a strong currency and the U.S. economy.


Notes From Underground: Sitting on the horns of a dilemma with ash on our faces

April 18, 2010

We are very sorry for the volcanic activity that has caused so much transportational havoc throughout Europe. It is rumored that the U.N. is looking to begin investigations to study whether or not Iceland set off the volcano in retaliation for the way the Dutch and British authorities treated the sovereign state. Governments seeking to outlaw, or regulate, non-predictable events, we have no doubt that earthquakes and volcanoes are next.