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Notes From Underground: The Washington Redskins Should Change Their Name to the Washington 37ers

September 23, 2014

Just a quick note in the run up to the beginning of the Jewish New Year. A happy and healthy new year to all the readers of Notes From Underground. May your year be blessed with less turmoil both on a micro and macro level. For all my readers no matter what faith or no religious view: May we all find peace and have the wisdom and grit to prosper. Best Wishes, Yra.

This title is a tribute to the recent movements in the world financial and commodity markets. The “strong” dollar has been attributed as the dynamic factor pushing commodity prices lower and creating the environment for potential DEFLATION around the world. Emerging markets are under pressure as raw material prices drop and the fear of rising U.S. interest rates are combining to generate outflows from Mexico, Brazil, Turkey and many others. Europe is struggling to create any growth as even the EU‘s great locomotive, Germany, is beginning to feel the pains of its growth-constrained neighbors.