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August 12, 2012

When the Greeks under Papandreou suggested a referendum on the GREEK AUSTERITY plan, the Greek PM was met with great consternation by the ruling elites in Brussels. A giant don’t-you-dare-call-a-referendum greeted PM Papandreou and basically forced his abdication. I warned then that the idea of a referendum on any issue of economic austerity was anathema to the EUROCRATS for the denizens of Brussels were/are fearful of testing the “PUBLIC WILL.” Every time a referendum was held it resulted in a decision opposite of the elite’s will: Another referendum was called until the “correct” result was realized. (It was usually preceded by warnings that all financial and budgetary agreements would be rendered null and void.)


Notes From Underground: Bernanke, Act I

July 18, 2012

Today’s SEMIANNUAL MONETARY POLICY REPORT TO THE SENATE: All posturing and no substance. In the usual scene of playing for the folks back home, Chairman Bernanke was lectured to about the need to do his job and feed the system with so much liquidity that “job growth” would have to take place. (Mr. Schumer, to you a copy of the work of Richard Koo and the concept of a balance sheet recession). Some Senators were berating Bernanke for the LIBOR scandal in an effort to show that the U.S. Congress was serious about banking abuses. For the record: When the banking sector is under stress the FED’s only concern is the repair of banking balance sheets and if the profits come from manipulating the setting of a short-term bank rate, the means justifies the ends.