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Notes From Underground: TEGWAR and Bernanke puts out to sustain the Greenspan PUT

November 4, 2010

Ok.OK. We got it —the FED did not wish to anger Mr.Market so he presided over an 11-1 vote for the further Quantitative Easing by another $600 billion spread throughout the next eight months. It was interesting to see that the DOLLAR rallied at first and that GOLD and other commodities were sold off. The S&Ps and other equities tried to break but they realized that BEN BERNANKE is the greatest thing, well, since SIR ALAN GREENSPAN. It seems that the FED has totally fallen into the trap of perpetuating the wealth effect to keep the economy from falling into a deflationary¬† spiral. No matter how we look at this, the importance of EQUITY market gains is paramount as the FED believes that this is the key to unleashing the “animal spirits” that are necessary for capitalism to thrive.