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Notes From Underground: Janet Yellen’s FOMC and a Biblical Approach to Monetary Policy

January 28, 2016

It seems that the FOMC meets in Noah’s Ark (Genesis Chapter 8;Verse 8-12): “Then he sent out the DOVE from him to see whether the waters had subsided from the face of the ground. But the DOVE could not find a resting place for the sole of its foot and it returned to him to the ARK, for water was upon the surface of all the earth …. He waited again another seven days, and again sent out the DOVE from the ARK. The DOVE came back to him in the evening and behold! an olive leaf it had plucked with its bill! And Noah knew that the waters  had subsided from upon the earth” (Artscroll Translation).


Notes From Underground: Hail Mario, the Conquering Central Banker Is Now AVE MARIA

December 4, 2014

Open letter to Mario Draghi: Grow some cojones! If the onset of deflation scares you and other ECB members, why is it that you do not have the intestinal fortitude to enact the QE policy that you have pontificated about for the last 30 months? Either deflation is to be feared or it is a straw man that elevates the your self-importance. On November 21, Mario appeared to announce that the time had come for the ECB to begin a meaningful QE program, but December 4 brought no action, just words. President Draghi, the honeymoon is over and it is time to reveal the testicles that can give birth to policy. Mario, if the Germans won’t compromise point to the EUR/YEN cross at 149 and ask Jens Weidmann how German manufacturing is going to compete against Japanese high-end engineering.


Notes From Underground: CNBC– Whose Euro Is It?

April 28, 2013


Click on the image to watch Rick Santelli and I discuss EURO/YEN and the European auto industry.


Notes From Underground: Europe To Be Crucified On a EUR/YEN Cross

April 21, 2013

Tonight’s BLOG headline is attributable to my friend KM after a long conversation about the IMF and G-20 meetings that took place in Washington during the past four days. It appears that Japanese monetary policy was not the subject of derision but rather applauded as a strong measure to lift Japan’s domestic economy out of two decades of malaise. Let me be as clear as possible: There is a full frontal assault being waged on the German model of GROWTH THROUGH AUSTERITY. The first shot fired was several months ago when IMF economist Olivier Blanchard delivered a paper stating that the previous belief that the negative impact on GDP from austerity was not a multiplier effect of 0.5% but rather a greater measure of 0.9-1.5% in its impact so a decease in fiscal spending would create a much greater slowdown than previously thought. The battle was waged in the efforts to limit the sequestration in the U.S. even as IMF Managing Director Lagarde cautioned that U.S. tightening is “too much, too fast and it’s in the wrong place. It’s not right for the U.S. economy and it’s not right for the world.”


Notes From Underground: Japan Revs Its Engine As the Wisdom of Pundits Stalls

April 11, 2013

Over and over, financial news airwaves are filled with noise about since the Bank of Japan–under the supervision of Governor Kuroda–has embarked on a massive dose of Quantitative Easing, there has been no real outflow of YEN around the world. The only problem with this bloviating is that its devoid of fact. The BOJ’s action, or rather, call to action has led to a drop in European bond yields as well as a new pillar of support for U.S. Treasuries. Further proof is last night’s employment data from Australia, which was much weaker than expected (a  36,000 job loss and a 0.2% jump in the unemployment rate to 5.6%), but the AUSSIE DOLLAR rallied after an initial selloff as Japanese investors are seeking higher returns. A favorite place for higher yields for Japanese seekers has been Australia and New Zealand. Many financial institutions offer what are known as Urudashi and Samurai bonds. These are bonds issued in Japan in foreign currency of usually kiwi and Aussie. Those who say that the Japanese don’t invest afar and remain in Japan–what is called HOME BIAS–are badly misinformed.


Notes From Underground: … And From The Joker (IMF Director Christine Lagarde)

April 8, 2013

Today we got follow-through in the global equity markets as the EUR/YEN cross rallied to three-year highs since the YEN was, again, the chief recipient of the Bank of Japan’s (BOJ) enhanced efforts to bring forth inflation from a long time deflation-plagued economy. The Japanese investors were busy sending forth YEN in search of yield but also buying NIKKEI stocks in a return for domestic yield. A positive outcome from the sudden desire of Japanese investors into equities may mean an increase in corporate democracy as the demand for dividends is going to increase. The corporate culture in Japan has always been anti-shareholder as the predominant thought is that management owns corporations and the shareholders should be quiet and not make waves. The status quo has been challenged by some foreign activist investors and always rebuffed in a very anti-democratic show of defiance. As the desire for an income stream for investors, look for the ABE government to be supportive of increased democratization of corporate Japan. The flow of corporate money to investors would aid domestic demand, especially as bond returns go negative.


Notes From Underground: BOJ DECLARES WAR ON THE ECB

April 4, 2013

The central banks were in play today and while the Bank of England held to its present course, the Bank of Japan declared that they were now in full battle gear and announced a very aggressive monetary policy agenda. I was surprised by the tenacity of the announced program and certainly by its timing. The recent movements in the YEN, and,especially the EUR/YEN crossrate meant that the BOJ and the Japanese Finance Ministry had some breathing space to allow some of the ill effects of the Cypriot crisis to calm. No such by the BOJ as they “damned the torpedoes and announced full speed ahead.” If other central banks wish to muddle about that is their business but the Japanese are determined to end the deflation that has plagued their economy. The steps that the BOJ announced, which had the greatest impact on the YEN and the Nikkei were:


Notes From Underground: A “Portuguese Man of War” Enters Draghi’s Harbor and Fires a Shot

February 14, 2013

Two events roiled the currency market this morning. First, the GDP numbers out of many European economies were weaker than expected. The softness of European economic activity has stirred the complacency of recent buyers of EUROs and caused some unwinding of the EUR/YEN and EUR/GBP cross rates. The second event that unnerved recent buyers of EUROs was a comment by the ECB Governor from Portugal, Vitor Constancio. It was reported that Mr. Constancio said in response to recent Euro strength that “… negative rates always possible.”


Notes From Underground: The BOE and ECB Let Us in On Their Secrets

January 9, 2013

Thursday brings the announcements from two of the major rate setters in Europe: the Bank of England and the European Central Bank. First the BOE will announce at 6:00 a.m. CST and consensus says the bank will keep rates steady at 0.50% and the QE program at 375 billion pounds. Though the U.K. economy is soft, Governor Mervyn King will maintain a steady path so to keep his options available in case the global economy begins a new downturn. The present BOE head is retiring July 1 so it would be prudent to let his successor have as many tools to work with in a new regime.


Notes From Underground: The DREADS of the Redemption Song

December 19, 2012

It was only a year ago that the PRECIOUS METALS were laboring under the continued selling of GOLD and SILVER as the John Paulson hedge funds were liquidating long positions to meet the huge amount of redemptions by long-time investors exiting the decade’s best performing FUNDS. In a repeat, Morgan Stanley announced today that it was redeeming its investors out of Paulson’s two largest funds after another year of questionable performance. In today’s world where one hedge fund can hold massive positions, divestment by disgruntled investors can initiate massive corrections. In 1980, when the Hunt Brothers caused great turmoil in the silver markets, they had a mere BILLION DOLLARS to play with (the Paulson funds control close to $15 billion under management.) As traders and investors it’s our job to be cognizant of all the animals in the jungle. When the elephants retrace their steps from the watering hole, small animals can get crushed (Niederhoffer).