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Notes From Underground: Was it Really a Fat Finger Mistake by Google?

October 18, 2012

The equity markets began to sell off as the rumor of an early release of Google’s earnings proved to be correct. The earnings were significantly less than the market consensus and thus Google stock dropped 13% quickly, bringing the Nasdaq and S&P indexes down with the heavily weighted technology giant forcing a market wide sell off. My take is that this was not a mistake but Google testing the market.


Notes From Underground: Waiting for the 12 gnomes of the FED

August 10, 2010

Overnight, the Bank of Japan announced that it was holding rates at zero. The recovery was proceeding but the BOJ was watching the impact of the YEN on growth going forward. But at this point BOJ Governor Shirakawa was content to leave the YEN price to market forces. According to a Bloomberg article, Shirakaw did say that the PRESENT VALUE OF THE YEN did dominate the meeting because of possible risks to the economy. Most of the time, members from the Ministry of Finance  (MOF) are invited to sit in the meetings with no vocal presence unless specifically asked. Finance Minister Yoshi Noda has been very vociferous about the YEN appreciation and it effects on Japanese exporters.